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Customer Service & Testimonials

Customer service is of upmost importance to us. All customers should expect a personal contact with us to ask about their bulls. We want to know how they performed, how they held condition, if their disposition was good. We want to know if they like the calves and how well they grew. We are interested in how our bulls are benefitting you and your operation. We are open to suggestions for improvement and change. We are happy with the feedback we've gotten from three previous sales.

Houston Hammond.jpg

"Orton Ranch Red Angus bulls definitely are top notch!! Nice - calm quiet bulls!!!"

-Houston, H., Nebraska

“We had been looking to improve profitability on our farm by adding more efficient, easy fleshing genetics. We have found that with the Orton Ranch Red Angus cattle that they


spend half the time at the round bale feeder as our other cows do and maintain great body condition. Calving ease has greatly improved along with maternal traits. 2022 has been our best calf crop and it looks like it’s just going to keep getting better. Thank you Daniel for your candid advise and outstanding customer service.”

-Jason W., Michigan


“Preg checked cows yesterday with only one open out of 40, your bull did a great job. Very pleased.”

-Derek C., Nebraska

“I believe these bulls are making a low maintenance cow that can thrive in any environment. We are also really pleased with the calf crop this year. The heifers are awesome, and the steers are doing well on feed.”

-Zach W., Nevada


“Purchased bull via DVAuction-Very pleased! Delivered to my farm 1000 miles away. I look forward to my next bull from Orton Ranch Red Angus.”

-Alex P., Michigan


“He held up well. We had him with 16 first calf heifers and 8 virgin heifers and they were all pregnant when we checked them. Plus, he still had plenty of condition on him. Disposition with him and the heifers has been good also.”

-Derek B., Iowa


“Your bull did great this summer. Really traveled well and was a very active breeder.”

-Randall S., Montana


"We have purchased bulls from Daniel and Summer the last 3 years and have been very pleased with the quality these bulls brought to our operation. Despite extreme drought, these bulls have stayed fleshed up with no maintenance. Not only are these bulls backed by power and genetics, they are extremely gentle to be around and work with. We appreciate the hard work and dedication from the Orton family to bring top bulls in to the industry!”"

-Trevor & Cicely E.,Idaho


"I purchased a bull from Orton Ranch Red Angus about 4 years ago. He has been a great bull. All of my cows have been bred every year and he has produced some of the best looking calves I have ever had. The bull is very calm and very easy to work with. I would definitely buy another bull from the Orton's again."

- Shane S., Idaho

“Preg checked earlier this month. Your two bulls were 100% on 39 cows and 12 heifers. They couldn’t have done any better.”

- Adam W., Illinois


“I can’t believe how gentle these bulls are."

-Joe L., Bassett Livestock

“Orton’s are very knowledgeable about cattle and have provided us high quality bulls to help improve our herd.”

-Cicely E.,


“The bulls are great! Not overfed so it’s easy to see how they perform from birth to yearling. They hold up great!”

– Michael R., Idaho

New York.png

“Hello there, they are doing good, they have filled out quite nice!”

-Brian & Jessica N.,
New York


Your kiddos and the ranch are why we buy from you, along with the fact that these bulls are top notch. I want to support ranches with young ones so they can have nice things while learning how rewarding ranch life is. We are so happy that there are still ranches for kiddos that love working and seeing animals grow while making a living.

God bless!"

-Charla S., Nebraska

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