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We are developing a program that emphasizes slow, natural development and focuses on maternal, moderate, and easy fleshing traits. Replacement heifers are chosen based on how they breed up in their cycles, size, fleshing ability, and overall visual confirmation. In our environment harder doing cows naturally fall out of the herd.


"A Different Kind of Test"

  • Our coming two year old bulls are grown slowly and naturally so they maintain condition during breeding season and won’t fall apart on you. They will also breed more cows over their lifetime. Our goal is to see how well our bulls will perform on less feed. “A different kind of test” or selection process. 

  • After weaning and through the winter of being on a 40 net energy gain diet, out bulls go to grass with no supplementation until three months before sale day. And even then it's only 6 lbs per day. The grass that our yearlings are grazing looks nice and green but when tested for protein and energy and when compared to other grassed throughout the country, it is below average feed. Genetically, Sandhills cattle need to be grass conversion experts. If they are the easier doing type, they can survive here.

  • Our bulls go to other parts of the country and do quite well, even during their first breeding season. Our customers love this!

  • Fleshing ability is so crucial when improving replacement females because it is directly related to fertility, longevity and ultimately your bottom line.

  • All bulls in the sale have passed breeding soundness tests and are easy fleshing.

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