We are very proud of our mother cows for all we expect and require of them during the year.  We run our cattle in thick, steep canyon pastures, so structural correctness and good feet are a must. Mother is expected to make the most of her environment traveling the canyons while maintaining her condition, raising a good calf, and breeding back. These cows are efficient, deep bodied and there's not a mean one in the bunch! 

A good portion of them come from 5L Red Angus in Sheridan Montana, and in their own words, "You need to see these cows in late January, with their nose covered in snow, their mouth full of last summer's grass and their back holding a body condition score of 5+ to really appreciate what 5L is all about." 

We also have a lot of Julian 84 S genetics growing in our younger part of the herd. We love what 84S has done with our females. Not only are they nice to look at and gentle, but they continually carry more weight with the same moderate frame as their peers. These young mothers are weaning a higher percent of their body weight and their bull calves are phenominal. 

Mother cows are the heart of every herd and we love our girls!


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