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We are very proud of our mother cows for all we expect and require of them during the year. We run our cattle in thick, steep canyon pastures, so structural correctness and good feet are a must. Mother is expected to make the most of her environment traveling the canyons while maintaining her condition, raising a good calf, and breeding back. These cows are efficient, deep bodied and there's not a mean one in the bunch!

Our cows are bred to be easy fleshing and are managed that way. They go to work everyday without pampering. We run them the same way we ran our commercial herd. If they are open in the fall, raised a bad calf, or are poor doing, they get culled.

OCC, Beckton, 5L, PCC, and Ozark Hills genetics are working very well for us in the Sandhills and also for our customers throughout the country. Not only are they nice to look at and gentle, but they are moderately framed, easy fleshing and stacked with strong maternal qualities.

Kelly Bruns used to say, “It’s all about the momma cow!” We agree.


Quality Bulls 

come from a 

Solid Cow Foundation

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